Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2

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Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse

2.4G high-speed transmission

1200 dpi resolution

4-button design with a “back” key*

water and dust resistant coating

*A “back” key is only supported by PC and laptops that run Windows OS.

Ergonomic design and comfortable grip

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse with a right-hand design. It measures 98.1×56.0×34.4 mm, which is a perfect size for an average adult palm. The mouse was made with Asian hand-type in mind and fills the curve of hand flawlessly to provide a comfortable grip and therefore a frustration-free experience when using it with your computer or laptop.

Pleasant to the eye and pleasant to the touch

The mouse has gone through a UV-process that made its surface shiny and silky smooth. It is pleasant to hold giving you the sensation as if you are touching baby’s skin. Due to UV-process, the black version of the mouse looks like it is made out of metal, the one you could see in Mi Notebooks. The white version of the mouse is as if given a beautiful highlight to look more elegant.

Not only is the mouse good-looking, but it is also wear- and tear-resistant. However, as any other object you tend to use often it requires cleanings and disinfection from time to time.

Smooth movement and moderate resistance

A mouse that is comfortable to use means that it not only has a user-friendly design and a fine texture achieved by treating its surface with innovative processes. The foot of the mouse is something Xiaomi devoted ample time optimizing as well. The bottom has a smooth glossy finish and makes gliding flawless with a slight resistance to compensate jerky movements. Xiaomi tested the mouse out by wheeling it around 100 km on a broad range of surfaces. Thus even if you use the mouse for 8 hours in a single day, it is durable enough to stay with you for years to come.

Low maintenance and ease of use

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse is very convenient to use. The top of the mouse also serves as a detachable lid to hide the battery and the dongle inside. To remove the battery or the dongle you only need to start lifting the back of the top lid gently and it will open smoothly. To install the lid back push the front of it first and then press down until you hear a click meaning that you locked it.

On the left side of the mouse, there is a key that is preassigned to get you one step backward. If you use that key you will return to a web page you viewed previously. For now, it works only with computers and laptops that run Windows OS.

Due to anti-fouling coating, the hull of the mouse has a high friction resistance that prevents its surface from fading over time thus the mouse can look brand new for many years. It is also low-maintenance. You can clean the pen marks off its surface with a simple paper towel.

one-piece sliding battery cover

“back” function key

anti-fouling coating

micro USB mouse dongle included

smooth scrolling wheel

Precise tracking and low power consumption

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse sports a high-precision infrared sensor that makes the mouse accurate up to 1200 dpi. With its help, the cursor of the mouse will move faster no matter what type of surface you are using the mouse on: wood, carpet or glass.

A high-end performance is not the only upside of the mouse. Its sensor has a built-in power saving mode. If paired with one of Xiaomi Rainbow 5 AA batteries, the mouse will work for up to a year before you need to change the battery again. As a bonus, the receiver does not use your laptop's power.

Easy setup and comfortable storage solution

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse is an RF mouse, which means it uses a dongle to be connected to your PC or laptop. It is very easy to set up: you just have to plug in the dongle into the device and you are done! The working distance of a receiver is 10 meters. When the mouse is not used, the wireless dongle can be kept inside the mouse to prevent its loss.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse is just the right companion for your computer. It delivers fast scrolling and smooth gliding on any surfaces you apply it to. It will be especially useful when you travel as it weighs only 82 g and does not take up much space in your bag.

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Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi Wireless Mouse
Type Wireless Optical Mouse
Dimension 98.1×56.0×34.4 mm
Weight 82 g
Receiving distance 10 m
Wireless сonnection 2.4GHz RF
Connection USB-dongle
Precise Point Positioning 1200dpi
Number of buttons 4
Standby time about a year
Power source battery АА x 1
OS Windows 7/8/10, Mac X 10.8 and above, Chrome
Color Black
Package Mi Wireless Mouse x1, USB-dongle x1, User manual x1

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