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Xiaomi Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard

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The number of non-smartphone devices Xiaomi produces has spiraled into hundreds of useful and innovative techs which are getting more attention these days. For those who remain true to PCs, the Chinese giant released a new keyboard called Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard. It has a simple design and impressive properties.



Xiaomi keyboard sports a 6-layer design and has an H32 aluminum alloy shell. Due to anodic oxidation and sandblasting, its surface became tenacious and resistant to scratches and corrosion. It is sturdy enough to survive occasional falls or unprotected transportation impact.

Mi Keyboard runs smoother and faster than others. 32-bit microchip from STMicroelectronics with 1000 Hz refresh rate feed performance. Delivering 1 ms response time it supports 11 key hits at a single time, without any mechanical flaws. Still, have with a keyboard that can’t keep up with your typing speed?




Yuemi Keyboard has a QWERTY set-up and is enriched with 87 keys. Polycarbonate and ABS resin keycaps are supported with TTC Red switches, prolonging keys’ life to 50 million clicks. The keys are packed closely, leaving thin slits that separate them. Keycaps can be replaced and customized according to user’s liking.

Letters and symbols on the keyboard are resistant to damage from everyday wear. This is a great choice for ladies who have long nails as keyboard markings can stand up to the abuse of fingernails.



Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard makes a great companion at night. Its eye-catching backlighting has a six-level adjustable brightness. The user will not have to squint because of excessive or insufficient lighting. 3528 LED lights have a color temperature of 6500 K and provide a beautiful illumination. Win keys, Scroll and Caps Lock stand out among others with an orange and white backlighting. Backlit keyboard is a must-have for those who want to convert from hunt-and-peck to touch type.



The new Xiaomi keyboard is bolstered with “legs” at the bottom to elevate it at a 6-degree angle and reduce finger fatigue on a long-lasting usage.



The keyboard measures 358 mm x 128 mm x 31.6 mm and weighs 940 g. This may sound like a big deal, however, an aim behind it was to make it tough so that it does not slide on the surface and secures itself well.

Xiaomi keyboard is compatible with laptops and PCs via micro USB port. This wire device is perfect if the user does not want to deal with battery changes or situations when the battery runs out suddenly while doing something important or playing a game.



Mechanical keyboards, like this one, are made to be durable, however, if they are treated incorrectly, they will take damage. Try not to spill something on it, even water, make regular cleanings from dust or crumbs, do not hit it with your fist or pound hard, as it can break switchers. Follow these recommendations and it will serve you much longer.




Package Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard x1; User manual x1
Color White
USB micro USB
Backlight 6 modes
Number of keys 87
Response Time 1 ms
Polling Rates 1000Hz
Chip STMicroelectronics 32-bit
Material PC / ABS, aluminum
Weight 940 g
Dimensions 358×128×31.6 mm
Type Mechanical Keyboard
Model Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard
Manufacturer Xiaomi

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