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Xiaomi ZI7 Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries AAA (4 pcs.)

BDT 900.0


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  • - Up to 1500 cycles of use
  • - High capacity
  • - No memory effect
  • - low self-discharge
  • - Bidirectional charger

1 battery ZI7 Ni-MH = 1500 disposable batteries

Xiaomi ZI7 Ni-MH batteries are more reliable and environmentally friendly because they can be recharged and used up to 1500 times!

You can use just one ZI7 battery instead of 1500 disposable ones, which will help to reduce the level of environmental pollution.

Сare and quality

The minimalistic housing of each Mi ZI7 Ni-MH battery is manufactured by the famous Japanese foundry brand according to the highest quality standards.

The nominal capacity is 700 mAh, all batteries are factory pre-charged and ready for use.

Minimal self-discharge design

Batteries remain charged even after a year

Fully charge the battery to its maximum capacity, and you can use it instantly or forget about it on a year. When you decide to use it even after a year of non-use — you do not need to charge it again. The battery will save more than 80% of energy even after 360 days without charging if you adhere to the conditions of storage at room temperature.

No memory effect

Do not exhaust, replenish

Ordinary batteries tend to lose capacity if not been fully discharged, but the revolutionary Mi ZI7 have no memory effect, so keep the rated capacity.

Excellent characteristics at cold temperatures

The recommended temperature of the battery use is not below than −10 ℃, they will discharge much faster in the cold environment than at room temperature. But ZI5 / ZI7 Ni-MH batteries can operate at −20 ℃ and ensure sufficient supply of power

Charge the battery using the Xiaomi ZI5 / ZI7 Ni-MH Battery Fast Charger

Independent four-slot design, any combination of charging is possible.

Xiaomi ZI5 / ZI7 Ni-MH Battery Fast Charger can charge all batteries at once, or one by one. Each battery has its own indicator. It remains lit when the battery is fully charged, blinks when the battery is charging and is off if the battery is faulty. The charger provides 7 degrees of protection.


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